Vets Keep Smiling Building Border Pride!

Thanks to Trump’s recent funding extension of the VADIP, Vets can get dental work, including cosmetic procedures and implants, for free on the Texas border! Vets deserve to keep their smile! 

Vets are leading the way with real solutions to our countries most pressing and difficult issues! Including affordable housing, climate change, border immigration, demographics and more! They are also helping themselves creating good sustainable job opportunities as profit centers with help from the VA’s new Innovation Center.  Our vets have a lot more to offer and want to serve, not get handouts. Our vets are positioned all over the world with tight networks and relationships, have a willingness to make new homes anywhere they are needed, have true motivations to serve, and are now enabled and empowered by new initiatives by the VA to help our vets become entrepreneurial and in so doing,  help solve some of our country’s biggest issues! Our vets are capable of more than winning war and today many of them are under-utilized and having mental health issues. This new approach being tried by the VA Innovation center hopes to help out vets and help our country solve difficult issues as profit centers!  Saving money and further extending the value, ushering in a positive change where everyone benefits from our Vets propensity to serve for the greater good (not greed). There are some issues the motivation of profit is not ideal, fighting wars is one, perhaps affordable housing is another.

To begin, our vets are building better affordable housing on our border helping bring positive activity to the border while helping create solutions for our metro affordable housing needs and for coastal climate change construction leveraging their diverse management skills, networks, and motivation to serve to build better homes and sustainable communities that really work. They hope to elevate property values and overcome the perceived negative status of affordable communities by colonizing them much like the roman vets did in Europe thousands of years ago, to help alleviate safety concerns, and empower people with education for the modern age, hoping the new communities will be welcomed and acceptable to surrounding areas. Vets are leading-by-example helping to both build better and operate better by having “boots on the ground” to properly access how-to continuously improve and eliminate troubles. > > > > > Vets Building Better Affordable Homes and Communities

VADIP | VA Dental Insurance Program for all Veterans